The Ganga Learning Centre operates under the Shri Dinesh Shankar Tripathi Memorial Foundation in India, and it is supported by a German network of donors who are in the process of setting up a trust that will be an official sister organization of the GLC. What is the Shri Dinesh Shankar Tripathi Memorial Foundation? In 2002, Mani Shankar Tripathi (GLC co-founder) and his nephew Dineshi Tripathi started planning a sustainable educational project promoting culture, arts, and literacy to people in underprivileged communities in Varanasi and surrounding areas. Dinesh passed away in 2004, so in his honor, Manishankar continued the plan and started the Shri Dinesh Shankar Tripathi Memorial Foundation in 2005. This is the umbrella foundation under which the Ganga Learning Center since December 2011.
Category    02.09.2014
Volunteers Make a Change
Category    02.09.2014
Networking for Women’s Empowerment
This term was special because we had two long-term volunteers form the U.K, and two groups of volunteers from Taiwan. What they did to make the GLC a better place was amazing! The Taiwanese groups (WAKE Foundation) were at the GLC for one week each (one...

The annual meeting of local and international charity organisations dedicated to women’s empowerment and nutrition took place on August 12th in Varanasi in Seed For Change (a Spanish NGO) premises. About 50 activists gathered to share experiences, ideas...

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