Our friends are all people involved in our community building venture. They are people with passion for bringing education and women empowerment to developing societies and dedicated to providing equal access to education for everyone. They are people who run schools, education related organizations, or travel in India and want to share their skills, knowledge, and presence. Some of our friends help us offer our products on the markets abroad, or they simply have never set their foot on Indian subcontinent, and yet, they care to share their time or resources to support our work. In another words, our friends are awesome people!

The list of our friends is long and since you are reading this page you must be one of them! If you haven’t already got in touch with us, shoot an email and let us know if you would like to become a part of our joint action to bring education and dignified jobs to our community. Together we make this project run sustainably.

Our strategic partners and dear friends we have long-term cooperation with are the following organization:

**(treba da pise samo ovo sto je crno a kada kliknes na boldovanu rec vodi na link)**

School4Kids India from Holland -

The School In The Cloud from U.K. & India -

Waker from Taiwan -