Host a GLC Event

It’s exciting to bring a positive change into a local community. It’s then essential to share our experience and spread inspiration for community compassion, support, and action throughout the world.

Our community thrives thanks to a tightly knitted cooperation between people inspired to support community development, education and women empowerment, and the local community that is dedicated to embracing support and using it to make a progress. In order to support the project, and share the knowledge and experience of development work in India, our supporters organise different events to promote the project and raise funds. You can be a host of a GLC Event too. Here go some of the ideas:

1. Join an NGO event, fair or conference and present the GLC.
We can supply you with promo material such as PPT presentation, video material, children’s paintings, flyers, GLC promo bags,etc.

2. Exchange your skills for donations.
For example, if you do massage, give yoga classes, music lessons, or some other great job, you can exchange it for donations that your clients will dedicate to GLC development.  

3. Throw an India inspired donors party.
Invite you friends and people you know to enjoy a theme evening, learn about community education in India, and have a great time tasting oriental flavors and enjoying colors and sounds of India. Let us supply you with party material such as traditional tea known as “chai” with homemade spices; natural incenses; bangles (Indian popular bracelets); lanterns; local Indian food recipes for delicious sweets and treats; classical, fusion and Bollywood music, etc.

4. Organize an Indian classical or fusion music concert.
We know many great musicians that would be pleased to participate and raise money for the GLC community.

5. Oganise Cotton Flower sales party and donate back a share of the profits.
Cotton Flower is a clothing collection made by the GLC ladies. You can get Cotton Flower products at a promotional price and raise funds through sales.

6. Be creative. Let us know what your ideas for fundraising events are.  Whatever type of an event you chose, we will do all we can to support you.

We are looking forward to meeting You!