GLC Music Academy

"If we break caste constraints with music it could also open up other aspirations out side of their social group." Paul Knight

We believe in creativity and we strive to nurture creative expression in our students and other community members. At first we only had singing classes. Watching children sing and enjoy music brought much joy to everyone. Every celebration we had have ended with mothers and children dancing and this has inspired us to develop education programs in the area of classical India music.

This seems simple, but the fact is not every child in India is allowed to learn classical music and dance. For centuries, music education's been kept within the circle of people in the highest cast. Tradition has been dictating who was going to learn what, and music was impossible to imagine to low casts. Nowadays, things are changing. A GLC co-founder, Manishankar, a musician from a priest family, is continuing his teacher's tradition of free music education for everyone inspired to dedicate to the music. This is a big shift in the cultural paradigm in Varanasi.

GLC music academy is open for children and youth from all casts and economic backgrounds to join music classes, discover music and pursue their talents and passion for art. We offer classes in sitar, tabla, harmonium, and dance. All classes are taught by local music teachers. 

International musicians and dancers or students of music and dance are welcome share their knowledge in a form of workshops, perform, or learn with us. For more information please contact us at