Life Long Education Centre

This is an education centre for women in our community. They are a part of the GLC Skill Training program and/or Cotton Flower sewing workshop. Our aim is to lift everyone's level of education for at least two grades or more, according to their current level of education, their aspirations, and family circumstances that sometimes define they availability to attend school or educational programs.

We asses every individual case of a community member and do our best to create programs that will fulfill their needs and help them reach their goals in terms of career and opening up to new landscapes of learning. 

At the moment we are running two long-term programs:

Literacy course  for the ladies who haven't had a chance to be involved in education programs previously in their lives. This is a three-year course. During the first three semesters they will learn to write and read Hindi. The next three semesters will be dedicated to English alphabet and basic reading and writing skills.  The classes are run twice a week by Seema and Sangeeta. Currently there are 14 ladies enrolled in the class.

English beginners course  for the ladies who have basic English knowledge and literacy. This course is run once a week by a local teacher and once a week by a current volunteer or a foreign Skype teaches. This course is a result of a strong desire of the ladies to be able to express themselves in an international language, exchange experience, and build partnerships with the international community.  Currently there are 8 ladies enrolled in this class.

Scholarship program for the ladies who had dropped out of school at some point in the past and now are willing to continue on with their education. Every year we have community meetings dedicated to discussing how we can advance everyone’s education level respective to where they are at at the moment. We raise funds for scholarships for each woman who has an aspiration to go back to school.

Short term courses and workshops happen when we have either individual volunteers or study groups who want to contriubute to women’s education and personal development. These workshops and courses are mostly in the area of art, creative expression, crafts, women’s health, home budgeting, management, and can last anywhere from a few hours to a couple of months. We host university and vounteer groups who seek local partnership in order to implement their specific research, art or study projects. If you are willing to share your skills and knowledge and offer your workshop please contact us at