Vision & Mission


A thriving family empowerment community centre in Varanasi, India, whose programs foster creativity, self-awareness, gender equality & develop life-skills of their community members. Professional and personal success is realized through a sustainable community education system.


We work to establish a sustainable community education system that will provide holistic education and training for families from low social and economic backgrounds, enabling them to break free from the cycle of poverty, nourishing individual and community development.

We realize our goals through the following programmes:

  1. Free basic education for local disadvantaged children age between 4 and 8 for a two- year period and tutoring for our students who have successfully enrolled in public education system at theĀ GLC Preschool & Tutoring
  2. Free skill building for the mothers of our students at theĀ GLC Training Centre
  3. Free basic adult education for the mothers of our students at the GLC Life-Long Education Center
  4. Job security for the Training Centre trainees provided in cooperation of the GLC and a social business - Cotton Flower;
  5. Indian classical and fusion music education for the youth and ladies in our community, and international people interested to study at the GLC Music Academy.

Value-based education

Our education system starts from the idea of sustainable development and includes those interrelated subjects and questions that are vital for the future of mankind. Our goal is to promote education focusing on:

  • Individuals improving their self-awareness, enhancing their abilities, and challenging their limitations.
  • People developing their confidence for living successfully and responsibly in our globally connected world.
  • Empowering people to develop partnerships beyond the language, cultural, and geographical boundaries.