GLC Preschool & Tutoring

GLC Preschool offers free basic education for children from families with disadvantaged background. The goal of the education program is to provide basic life skills and intercultural exposure, instill aspiration towards life-long education and prepare the students to get enrolled in public education system. Depending on the situation in a family we sometimes enroll children at the age of 4 and train them for a year to prepare them for school as the Indian education system starts when they turn 5 or we enroll children who are overdue (they might be from 6 to 7 years old) but haven’t been enrolled in the public education system. Older children are facing the challenge of being left behind in education and even if they wanted to start the school they would be in an age gap so we aim to educate them to the point when they can pass an entrance exam and catch up with their peer generation.

Our teachers at GLC Preschool teach yoga, math, Hindi, English, nature science, art, music, and they support students to become respectable citizens with good manners.

Home life for most of the students is varied – some of the fathers work manual labor or intensive jobs, whenever they’re available, and some spend their days drinking and playing cards. Before joining the GLC, some of the mothers used to work in cleaning and cooking jobs, especially those that are divorced or widowed, but most were housewives, delegated with cooking and cleaning duties at home. A few of the parents have skills in tailoring, mechanics, and driving but cannot easily find steady work. Some children are from single parent families. Housing is very basic. Often there are one or two rooms to house an entire family of six to eight people, frequently including grandparents as well as the parents and children. The children have few or no toys or sports game equipment at their home, so playing is done out on the streets with whatever toys they can find out and about.

In the last five year 61 children have been educated at GLC Preschool. All of them successfully got enrolled in public education system. Currently there are 25 children attending the preschool.