Our curriculum for the children attending the GLC includes Hindi and English language classes, math, arts, music, and nature studies as well as physical exercise such as yoga. We also teach hygiene practices.

We also hold “Sharing circles”, which are one hour long workshops 1-3 times a week to work with the children on manners, respect for people and animals, honesty, waste disposal and recycling, cleanliness, and becoming stronger and healthier, using open discussion and role play. The sharing circles are also for talking about what the children want to do when they are older, reflecting on activities they enjoy and what they have learned that day.

We also participate in an e-mediator network for learning English. The SOLEs and SOMEs network connects English teachers around the world with learning centers and schools in India. The GLC students are divided into groups of four to five children, who each have a one-hour skype session once a week with teachers in India and England. Through these interactions, children are gaining English language ability through craft projects, songs, stories, and becoming familiar with technology.

The children also gain knowledge of the world through meeting volunteers and visitors to the GLC from different backgrounds. They learn to find new countries on the globe, see pictures from different cultures, lifestyles, and animals, as well as experiencing new songs, dances, and stories from other countries.