GLC Training Centre

The Ganga Learning Centre offers its vocational training programmes and basic education for adults, parents of the GLC Preschool students, at the GLC Training Centre. One of the preconditions for the children to get enrolled at the GLC Preschool is that their mothers or female care takers should get enrolled in one of our vocational courses, learn skills and start making a living that will support their families and also enable them to finance their children’s education once they’ve enrolled in public schools.

It’s not usual for ladies in the local community to work outside their homes. It’s necessary for the ladies in our community to begin earning as soon as possible. That’s why our aim is to provide them with skills that they can utilize as soon as they get a decent skill level. Our training centre is tied to a privately owned social business called Cotton Flower, that is bound to hire the ladies from the GLC Training Centre. This clothing business is designed to provide jobs for ladies with a different level of skill and thus allow them to continue their training while making money. This is essential for the ladies to earn trust with their families and get a chance to learn and work. After they become steady members of the Centre, they can choose to attend free literacy, English classes, computer training, or apply for the GLC annual scholarship programme.