Social Business

Cotton Flower is a value-based social business that works to provide jobs for the ladies in our community. The business is based on manufacturing quality products which satisfy the needs of the buyers and end users while securing jobs for locally disadvantaged women.

The main goal of the Cotton Flower is to instill the value of education and honest work, and to financially empower the employees to get their children enrolled in public quality schools.

Cotton Flower jobs usually mean a lot more than just ordinary work – they give an opportunity for the ladies to have a life outside of their homes and families, and for the first time in their life work on their own self-development in a professional and educational sense. The safe, respectful, and friendly work environment encourages the ladies to cooperate, set their own goal, have dreams, and finally gain self-esteem that would otherwise be limited to the constraints of the local traditional culture.

The aim of the Cotton Flower is to develop wider markets throughout India and the world.

If you would like to see the products that the ladies make, please download the Cotton Flower catalog:

   WOMEN's Fashion - Retail Cotton Flower Catalog [PDF]
   MEN's Fashion - Retail Cotton Flower Catalog [PDF]
   YOGA wear - Retail Cotton Flower Catalog [PDF]
   ACCESORISE - Retail Cotton Flower Catalog [PDF]

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