Why Volunteer

Volunteering at the GLC is a great opportunity for a life-changing experience. You will learn about the Varanasi local community and be given space to immerse yourself in a very different lifestyle and culture that will most likely challenge your understanding of the world. You will experience this in a safe and supportive environment with the reliable care and mentorship of our local managers. If you feel you would like to share your time and skills to support community education and project development at the GLC, we warmly recommend you to consider volunteering with us.

It’s a very important part of our education programme to provide inter-cultural exchange between our students and educated, open-minded, and skilled people from around the world. If you have time, skills, and knowledge to contribute, and a vision of what you would like to learn, sign up to become a volunteer.

We can host single volunteers or groups. The minimum volunteer stay at the GLC is one week. Yet, we suggest longer period of volunteering for people who really want to be useful and make a difference.

Currently we have an open call for volunteers who are skilled in:

  • Curriculum design,
  • Teaching English to children and adults,
  • Market development and advertising (associated with Cotton Flower).

These are minimum one month assignments starting from Sept 2014. Spread the word, and let us know if you’d like to come join us for a life-changing experience at the GLC.